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Hi there! How are you? Can you believe it's Friday already? I honestly thought that I had shared this layout with you already when showing a glimpse of it during the Facebook live but it seems that I haven't. Well, better late than ever!

If you don't know which "live" I'm referring to, please check this post (link). I was honored to do a quick Facebook live this week for Prima using Impasto paints, which I have used in this page as well.

I like to take photos of my family and especially of my two girls, but I love so much the shots they have taken of each other! They had a small digital camera of their own and those pictures taken with that are so precious! There’s a lot of just black screens and the focus is usually off, but the pictures capture something magical – their own world, the one they share. 

In this layout I used the Impasto paints in my background in four ways. The first layer is done using a silicone brush and just painted and mixed two colors randomly with it. After drying I then added another layer through a stencil using a sponge (the red dots) and after that another stenciled layer, this time with palette knife the layer stayed raised and 3D. As I can’t finish a project without splashes the fourth way are the splashes. As Impasto paints are heavy body ones, you need to dilute the paint a bit to get the splashes.

Thank you for your visit today! Wishing you an awesome weekend! 


964566 – Impasto Paint Raspberry Pink 
964559 – Impasto Paint Poppy Red 
964511 – Impasto Paint Snow White 
964542 – Impasto Paint Pumpkin 
992040 - Love Clippings - All of Me Loves All of You 
992095 - 6x6 Collection Kit - Love Clippings 
584382 - 6x6 Collection Kit-Vintage Emporium 
585167 - 3x4 Journaling Cards – Rossibelle 
992125 - 4x6 Cling Stamp - Love Clippings 
589158 - Color Philosophy- Flamingo 
962319 - Elementals - 7x9 Stencil "Grungy Grid" 
961268 - Elementals - 6,5x10,25 Stencil "Honeycomb" 
590024 - Flower Bundle – White 
594428 – Love Clippings Flowers - 2 The Moon & Back 
586652 – Box Flowers Documented Beauty 
593582 - My Prima Planner Stickers – Summer 
593599 - My Prima Planner Stickers – Travel 
587345 - SIIC – Rossibelle 
582326 - SIIC - Royal Menagerie 
963897 - Art Basics: Mixed Media Silicone Brush 1"

Materials: Prima Marketing, A Flair for Buttons


The Days of Autumn - Wow Embossing Powder

"The days of autumn are translucent
painted on the forest’s golden ground - -"
- Edith Södergran, "The Days of Autumn", 1916

Hello there! I started this post with a quote from my favorite poet, Finnish Edith Södergran. She's a fascinating character and her poems are really beautiful and full of longing. These few words fitted my project so well that I wanted to include them here. 

Today I'm sharing an autumn canvas I did for Wow Embossing Powder (link). It's inspired by this month's challenge theme, triple embossing (link). The background holds two different ways of that technique. There's stamping to the triple embossed surface in two ways. I also treated some of the embellishments with embossing powders and created some sparkling roses to the piece as well. Want to know how I made it? Please see the steps in the original Wow post (link)


This canvas celebrates the autumn. What I love about this season are the colors and also the anticipation. The winter is drawing nearer and after that comes a new spring. I really love the velvet nights of autumn, the crackle of the leaves under my step and golden glow of the last rays of the setting sun. This canvas consists some of those elements - the golden hues, the leaves and last flowers of the summer. 

As you can see from the project and the picture above, you can stamp into the hot, melted embossing powder with other items than stamps. Just be careful as the item might get stuck! Adding the embossing ink to the item before stamping eases a little but also bear in mind, that the item needs to stand the heat! 

I wish a colorful and fantastic autumn with this project! 

Materials from Wow:

Materials: Wow Embossing Powder, Prima Marketing, Ranger


A surprise FB live - Prima Marketing

Hello! Sorry for my absence! Yesterday was magical, though. I got asked to do a Facebook live for Prima and naturally I said yes even though I'm a bit sick with the flu still. It was a wonderful thing and I played with some Impasto paints and did some fun ATCs. I forgot half of the things I thought to say, but I hope you still can find inspiration from these cards and the short FB live. 

I used a piece of cardstock I had painted black with Heavy Gesso as my base and made the backgrounds using different colors of the Impasto paints. They are really heavy body acrylic paints so you are able to work with them in different ways. Underneath you can see the recording of the Facebook live. Please remember it's my first one ever!

Underneath you can see both sets I made - the married couple was done as a sample for the live show and the kids I did during the show. The texts in the cards are made with little sayings stamps in Finnabair's stamp sets. 

Like always, the cards are up for grabs! So if you'd like to have one, please mail me! The email address is on the side bar. 

Thank you for stopping by today! It really means a lot that people visit my blog <3 nbsp="" p="">

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


Under the Sea - Sizzix

Heippa! How are you on this fine day? It's been raining and pouring the last few days here in Finland, so it feels we're almost under water! Luckily the picture in this layout I did for Sizzix isn't taken just outside the window, though, but in Berlin Aquarium a couple of years back. 

It's fascinating to see the under water world. How light plays so differently, how full of color the landscape is and how magnificent shapes the sea holds under its surface. As the layout is about under water inspiration, I used different elements to make it feel so. 

The background of the page is done using watercolors and inks. I turned the wavy shape of the "Under the Sea" die set into a stencil design. I cut the shape in the middle of a piece of scrap paper and then inked the waves through it to my background. The fishes, starfish and air bubbles I used as decorations are also made using the same set. The seaweeds behind the photo are actually leafy stems cut with "Meadow Leaf Mini". The title is cut using the "Delicate Letters" die set. I just love the hand drawn vibe they have!

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great Thursday! 

Ps. Did you take part to the Foldaway giveaway? The winners are announced in Sizzix's site. Please follow this link (link) to see if you are one of the lucky ones! Congratulations to all winners! 

Dies used:

Materials: Sizzix, 7 Dots Studio, Ranger, Prima Marketing, A Flair for Buttons, American Crafts, Lawn Fawn, Doodle Bug Design


Love - Wow Embossing Powder

Good evening to you all! How's your day been? It has been super rainy here in Finland so something sweet and pastel colored is needed! So I thought to share this layout I did for Wow last month. You can see the original post with a step by step here (link).

The page is about my lovely family and extended family, but also for my love for the forest and the fact that I can go there to clear my head. The picture in the page is actually taken last Christmas Day, can you believe that?! We live in Finland so normally that time of the year would mean snow and minus degrees, but the last year was really strange so there's my daughters, my husband and my father taking a stroll in almost summer-like weather on Christmas Day.

To me the theme of the page translated to pastel colors and sweet candy shades. I also used hearts in a couple elements - like in the stamp I chose and also in the paper layers. I also wanted to use the resist technique in my page with a twist. I find that clear powder works the best for me as it then shows through what ever is underneath the layer of color, but naturally you could build striking contrasts with choosing contrasting colors or going with bolder colors. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a fantastic day, filled with love! 

Materials from Wow: 

Materials: Wow Embossing Powder, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger, A Flair for Buttons, American Crafts, Lawn Fawn


Inspired By... Teippitarha

It's again the 10th of the month and time for the "Inspired by" creation! But what is Inspired by? Every month awesome Marsha and I choose a subject to be inspired by. It can be for example an idea (link), a product (link), a poem (link), a movie (link) or a book (link). Or anything! Then we make something inspired by that theme or a piece of art and share it with you and each other on the 10th of the month. You can browse the past "Inspired By" posts from here (link).

Image result for mt masking tape

Hiya! This time we chose to be inspired by Teippitarha aka Tape Garden (link). It's a Finnish online and mortar shop with a specialization to washi tapes and other paper craft supplies. I first got to know the shop when they had "only" washi tapes on their selection so I chose to follow that route in my make. Nowadays the shop also has a lovely selection of stickers and other embellishments, anything you require for you planner needs! 

At this point I think I need to make clear that this is not a bought post. I've known the Gardeners for a while now and have done several samples to them. I've received materials for these samples but I've also ordered tapes, embellishments, paper bags and paper straws from there. There's shops that sell washi tapes but I've not seen any other in Finland with as good selection than Tape Garden. 

I have to admit, I was puzzled at first with this Inspired By like so many times. If there's a subject I feel really inspired, I'm left with too many ideas, to many routes. So I needed to edit my choices. I've even kept workshops connected with this wonderful tape so I started from that route. Soon I started to concentrate what I love about the tape and then it hit me. What makes washi tape unique in my book is it's transparency or translucency. I decided to play with that. 

I thought to make a background or a painting, using only washi tape as the medium. Layering different colors so that they would blend and form like a painted surface. I had no idea if my thought would actually work, but I figured out that if I tore the tape in small enough pieces the effect would be like pointillism. 

Here's what I made with the tapes. My idea worked! I started with a text patterned tape on top of a book page and then continued with colored tapes. I started with bigger pieces of tape and tore the tape smaller and smaller on the top layers. Last I added some pieces here and there scattered like splashes.

As you can see I mixed pink, orange and yellow in the make. Each color has several different tapes mixed. Some of them very solid but many had different patterns. 

As I mimicked paint with the colors, I needed something to mimic stamping which I normally add next to the project. For this I used the same scrip tape I used as the first layer and also mixed in a more bold and readable design. I tore these small to resemble haphazard stamping. 

I tried to use as much washi tape as possible in my card so naturally I made the embellishments using tape, too. I twisted the tape to resemble wire which I often use, turned the tape into small roses and leaves and also made some feathers. If you like to know how the feathers are made, I have a really old tutorial about them here (link). Layer everything together and throw in a couple of washi tape arrows and a greeting from another roll, and the project was done.

There it is, my card made almost totally from washi tape! There's only the book page, a piece of white cardstock and a couple of enamel dots added to several rolls of different tapes. 

The roses are something I use in a layout I teach, the feathers I had created a tutorial for, but what I felt the most exhilarated about was the background! I managed to get a painty, media look without any mediums! I will not swap watercolors, mists and gessos for tapes, but it's great to know that they can be used as well. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a great day! Oh and now you need to head over to Marsha (link)! I can't wait to see what she has thought to this theme! 

Materials: Teippitarha


Tea Addict - A Flair for Buttons

Hello there and happy Monday! My name is Riikka and I'm a tea addict. I just love black tea! Nowadays I even travel with some tea bags - a tip I learned from another tea lover. As long as there's hot water available, I can get a cuppa where ever. This dawned to me when they run out of black tea in a fair I attended and my friend simply took a tea bag out of her purse. I could do that, too! As usually boiling water is available.

This page celebrates or declares my love for tea or even an addiction, if you could say. I used naturally browns in the page but mixed some sweet pink in there as well. There's even a couple of tea bags in the page - a cute sticker and an actual tea bag! 

I used two flairs from A Flair for Buttons in my page. Beige colored one with fluffy clouds from the "Just Clouds" set and a darker brown one from the "Wood Words" set. They both fit the brown tones of the page and tea. I actually tried to start drinking coffee back in polytechnic as Finnish people are really hard coffee drinkers but nothing came out of it. I'm sticking to tea!

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a cup of tea for me! Cheers!

Sets used:


Materials: A Flair for Buttons, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Doodlebug Designs, American Crafts, Crate Paper

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